On comp mode it still ought to be simulation in the sense

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On comp mode it still ought to be simulation in the sense

On comp mode it still ought to be simulation in the sense that real football concepts should still apply. I get what you're saying about counters. Those counters should be mut coins madden 20 based on FOOTBALL. Not glitchy concepts that would not work irl. But I can't call a stock blitz (we KNOW that work lol). Its something as simple as a stretch drama. ZERO irl theories apply to this"simulation" game.

Its about HOW it happens. Losing on a fake field goal pass to a O Lineman like it had been Aaron rodgers himself incarnated as a 43, while you had a safety and a user covering him is INSANE, particularly when it had been thrown from the kicker. I have had games where we lose (squads) due to me blowing coverage as the security. Madden nfl requires that concept and shoves it up your ass with"from your hands" shit, like you marking clowney for dual team and they send 2 in your QB, you change line left, double him and mike the other hand, and he also comes free UNTOUCHED. When from the NFL has two man pressure EVER led to a sack in beneath 2Sec? That is INSANELY WRONG. The team would fire every one of those players.

Or even better. When has an nfl team conducted outside runs every snap with the defenders, diversions, etc, along with no misdirects never once THINKING that same way might run again? When has a game been worked consistently throughout by sending 8? When I miked a linebacker on a run play I wish, he wasnt recognized to exist and never then completely ignored? Its more beneficial to mike an immaterial participant to the drama than it is to mike who needs it. When has a security ever stood flat footed and allowd the ball to fly 2in above his helmet rather than so much as attempting a swat? When has a receiver obtained free five times in the elite top tier DBs in person coverage, and ran a 5 times inna row?

When has a soccer team had the exact same play telephone 5 times? Why do we need to block 7 to prevent a 4 guy nano blitz? Why is it that we will need to become defenders so as to find an interception, but the talent could be 5'8 so long as he's mossed? Does speed matter that much in madden? By this logic, the tyreek hill is the GOAT, Chris johnson is a surefire HOFer and deserves to be cheap Madden nfl 20 coins on a group even now, Usain bolt should have went to the NFL, clowney ought to be a receiver, jack doyle wasnt a fantastic participant, peyton nor tom were great QBs, dont place a defensive tackle on your line, just put champ bailey there, hell, substitute the specific line with receivers and HBs.