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We do custom patches, embroidered patches, printed patches, custom Velcro patches, clothing labels, PVC patches, custom leather patches, custom keychains, and other promotional products. Following is an overview of our products.
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Custom Iron On Patches
Custom patches are offered with a variety of attachment choices. The conventional sew on style is the standard approach, yet custom iron on patches have actually ended up being progressively preferred recently.

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It's not hard to understand why. Iron on patches are less complicated to affix to a garment than sew on patches, calling for little more than an ideal garment, an ironing board or similar surface, and a curling iron.

The convenience of application is what makes the iron on patch preferred. Like other embroidered patches, the iron on style begins with a twill backing material. The logo, insignia or message is embroidered with thread onto the twill. As soon as the patch is made, a heat-sensitive adhesive is connected to the back before it is delivered to the consumer.

Affixing custom iron on patches is simple, but there are a few risks to be familiar with. They ought to not be put on stretch textile, or any kind of material that can not tolerate the high warmth setting of an iron. Because of this, cotton is an ideal garment product. It can endure the warmth from the iron as well as make certain a strong bond with the adhesive patch backing.

For various other materials, different backing styles are more appropriate. Stitch on patches can be applied to basically any textile. Tape backing and also Velcro add-on methods offer a lot more flexibility. Velcro backing enables fast, simple removal of patches for laundering or other functions also.

Even custom iron on patches can be sewn on. Some individuals prefer to do so, as a method of making sure the patch will certainly continue to be an irreversible part of a garment, even via several launderings. The iron on backing, if used before sewing, holds the patch in place for easy embroidery without slippage. It's actually the best of both worlds.

There are a number of elements to consider when buying custom patches, including patch size, shape, embroidery thread and backing colors, and yes, the sort of add-on approach. A credible patch distributor will certainly be glad to aid you choose the alternatives that are right for your details needs and application.

When you're taking into consideration a vendor for your custom iron on patches, look for worth, not just cost. Any patch vendor can supply a small cost, however the obstacle is to back up their item as well.

Look for a patch supplier that offers free art work as well as modifications. That way you can be certain your patch will look specifically the way you want it to prior to you finalize your order. And watch out for hidden "gotcha" pricing, such as included setup fees or delivery fees.

A respectable patch provider will constantly offer what-you-see-is-what-you-get rates, without unexpected extras. As well as you must expect them to back up their items 100%.

At Houston Embroidery Service, we provide our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on whatever we sell. We'll happily replace it at no added fee to you if you need to discover a flaw in either materials or handiwork of any patch you buy from us. When we talk regarding worth, that's what we indicate.

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