Star fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Star fragments are a kind of raw material in the game, and players can use them to make magic wands for quick change-up tools. So let's get to know the basic information about it!

If you're a newcomer to the Animal Crossing series overall, you will possibly not realize the need for Celeste. She's the sister of Blathers, the owl director on the museum, and, sometimes, she's the main one who's behind the observatory in past games. It's uncertain whether we have an observatory in New Horizons yet, but Celeste does play a huge role in the game.

Quite a ways into the game, Celeste will show up on your island after sunset. You'll want to talk to her. She'll talk about how precisely you'll find star fragments and wishing upon a falling star brings you good luck.

However, more to the point she'll supply you with the recipe to the magic wand then high. To produce it though, you will need three-star fragments then one large star fragment. ACNH NMT can make it easy?

To acquire star fragments, you are likely to need to maintain your eyes-and ears-peeled for shooting stars. Thankfully, such as floating balloons, actually make a subtle noise you can hear as you're meandering around your island in day-to-day life. It's a gentle tinkling, almost inaudible to start with, but when you hear it, push forward the right stick and press A to wish for the star.

You'll know you've succeeded because your character will close their eyes and hold their hands together, plus the star above will glow.

Usually, you'll find multiple shooting stars repeatedly, so that you can wish on multiple stars at once just by hitting A repeatedly.

Wishing over a star is cute and, but what is the point. Well, you'll have to hold back until the next day. The morning when you wish with a star or three, you will want to take a stroll along the beach searching for large yellow rocks the spot that the water meets the sand. These are star fragments, and you'll get one per wish from the looks of things. It's still uncertain how to have large star fragments though, nonetheless, it seems they've also been linked to wishing over a star.

Hopefully, though, you've better luck than I do and will make your star wand right away.

However, you can find other wand recipes available in-game. I discovered a bamboo wand hidden inside a balloon present much earlier hanging around, so hopefully one does too since it only needs three-star fragments to create. If in this process there Any difficulty, you can get help from Buy Animal Crossing Bells.

What's more interesting is that the game also adds scenes such as meteor showers to the game, and players will not miss this artificial meteor shower. Also introduced the zodiac signs and the random drop of some large star fragments. Players can already find that the items in the game contain a lot of content in reality.


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