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Crane Forks for Self-Balancing Crane Forks-

The Raptor Self Balancing Crane Forks is here. This unit is ideal for warehouses without an overhead crane, or with limited forklift access.

These forks can be adjusted to fit most pallets.

To activate the self-balancing function, you will need to lift at least 20% of your unit's capacity.

Supplied with an EC Declaration of Conformity

Key Features:

There are 4 capacities: 1, 2, 3, and 5 tonnes
The forks are self-levelling and will stay horizontally when loaded or unloaded
Multi-sized pallets can have their fork width and height adjusted
There are no chains or slings required
Crane operator won't need to get out of the crane or cab of lorry.


This unit can be used to slide under your pallet. The crane will adjust the weight automatically by raising the crane.

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