What users expect from social media are “actually” very much present in paperpage and their expectations will be normally the following:

  • Connection with other people.
  • Sharing pictures, videos and files e.t.c…
  • Search & Discover something new, save them and share them,
  • List their business and checks for review and other business related activities.
  • Blogging, news, publishing their articles online and to spread them,
  • Sharing their interests, hobbies e.t.c…
  • Shopping and offers,
  • Communications – messaging.

Right! If the above are satisfied to a user in one single place, then they consider themselves lucky. Yes. Paperpage is the right place for each and every user connecting online with their computers. Even governments and politicians can utilize paperpage to engage with their constituents and voters.


For General audience: Paperpage is the decent, best and easy accessible meeting point of today’s internet audience.

Originally paperpage was developed to the empowerment of women since the “Founder” is the women (Kiruthika Ramprakash). But later paperpage opens up real-time opportunity to communicate, interact and content sharing to all genders/users free of cost.

Paperpage users are not limited to younger generation or teenagers or middle aged people or business circles but to all of them inasmuch we provide direct access to their communications without any third party interventions or costs.

Paperpage is a time pass platform for aforesaid people especially for the younger population. The contents posted on paperpage is so engaging that users even forget about their time.

For Business: In business view, paperpage is being used to market products, promote brands, connect to current customers, recruiting employees and create new business.

Paperpage helps a company to increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. Our company is a very powerful tool for a company. If a company creates a page and by that way they are allowing people to create a venue for communications, marketing and networking. This may also allow a company to connect other individuals (i.e users) who share similar business activities and interests.

For students: Paperpage is useful for students also by the opens a platform for uploading and downloading files (which is lacking in other social medias). Our intention is to provide a digital library for students hence we open a separate platform for that. We are in the way to develop this platform to the next level.

Students may use paperpage for their webinars which widen up their knowledge on the subject.

In simple terms, paperpage is the online application that is designed to allow people to share their content (posts) quickly, efficiently, and also in real-time. Having ability to share medias and other activities in real-time has altered the way we live now.

For individuals, paperpage is a tool used to keep in touch with their friends and family. People may use paperpage to network their career opportunities, find people across the globe with like interests, and share their thoughts, feelings, insight, and emotions. Those who engage in these activities are part of a paperpage.

For businessmen who use paperpage as an integral part of their marketing strategy usually will have measurable results. Paperpage is an indispensable tool for companies. Companies use paperpage to find and engage with their valued customers, drive sales through advertising and promotions, and even could offer their customer service or support through paperpage messaging.


The user of advertising campaigns in paperpage by its very nature will directly got them a huge attention amongst other visitors. Now-a-days it is much easy to get someone’s attention with a post in paperpage than it was to get someone’s attention with a newspaper advertisement. What is important is activity. The reality is, it is better to have a paperpage icon on your mobile if you are going to actively engage with it—and actively means on a daily basis which will yield a good result to you and your business.

Finally! it is no doubt the power of paperpage is the “ability” to connect and share information with anyone on Earth in real-time. Paperpage is an ever-changing web-based platform.