We are the fastest growing social networking website from Tamilnadu-India. Our website is the best of having all the facilities (features) and entertainment what normally an internet user likes and uses. I am the owner of the gifting enterprise and I welcome you to the Investor’s relation.

Of-course investors are not going to investing in our company but they are going to invest in our team which benefits them to the higher level. It is apparent that there are many social mediums out there to entertain the people (Yes! I have to admit that) but our enterprise falls under the category which has much better potential, talent and can achieve heights inasmuch our website has every needs what the common users want.

PROMISES: We don’t make false promises but we promise that we have all the categories (what the users ordinarily want) which attracts more users all over the world to cross our website at-least once in a day. We promise that just a few uses of our website would make the users addict to the contents of our website which obviously bring more recommendations converting as visitors.

INVESTOR’s RELATIONSHIP: The relationship of an Investor in our enterprise is similar to that of a friend to friend basis because only friends don’t lie to each other. We strictly speak business only and do not exaggerate things. What you see is all what we have!

The investor cannot judge the book by its cover, but it may be wrong when the investment comes to the website. Yes we are not the book but a best attractive website hence we have a good cover. Judge us by our first page. I bet you love us.

INVITING POTENTIAL INVESTORS: Our enterprise would like to invite potential investors as such we as an enterprise is open for all legal investment options flowing into our company. We guarantee and propose the investors a healthy return since we are concentrating on the expansion of the website all over the world.

USE OF INVESTMENT: The investment money would be used for promotional activities. The plan of recruiting a larger development team is also in the line to expand our enterprise all over the world. Since we are in the swipe of the fingers we could jointly achieve our expansion all over the world very easily. The rest shall be the HISTORY.

We have TRADEMARKED the word “paperpage”

We have applied for the Private Limited Company to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India which is pending approval.


Kiruthika Arumugam.

Founder –