About Us


This website is the accomplishment of persons seen in ‘members’ who are generally from the South-East Tamilnadu, in particular, in and around the small town called Jayamkondam. This website is the 12 years dream of the personnel in ‘members’ to create and publish successfully for the free use of ‘general public’ all over the world.

Since we were otherwise engaged in our studies, employment e.t.c… we have been separated for few years, but to achieve our dream we re-group and bestowed our hard work to release this website.

We knew and believe that our website may be one of your choices in the social medium sector, hence, we wanted to deliver the best of our-self. We actually published this website in the year 2010 itself in the name of www.cifo.in. Since the name cifo has been owned by someone already, we redeveloped the existing website up-to-date technology and deliver the same for free to use.

What is paperpage?

You may wonder what does ‘paperpage’ means? Why do we select/chose the name ‘paperpage’? When we start developing this theme we have actually gathered all the member facilities in a single paper and page hence after developed this theme we have given that concept itself as the “name” of this website.

What is videopage?

Videopage.in is the part of paperpage enterprises. Videopage offers wide range of hosting of users videos and provides opportunity to share it too.

What is same login system?

Videopage and paperpage shares same login system which means users once registered in paperpage.in they can use the same in videopage.in also.

We proudly claim that this is one of the best social medium websites emanates from south India to empower member individuals and entrepreneurs all over the world to flee to their next level.

தமிழ் வாழ்க!!