I really don't need to try to explain it further than that
I really don't need to try to explain it further than that Jan 03

I really don't need to try to explain it further than that

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As an outsider, I really don't need to try to explain it further than that, because I would lack the nuance to explain it properly.I don't know why it exists I don't get whats so important about the colour of skin or the shape of the eyes, I believe that the whole thing is simply dumb and childish. If your poor your poor, if your good your good... Oh and screw these damn hooded rat bastards.

They've very busy organizations across the nation. My state has had two events placed by them at the last 3 months. This group supports segregation and really isn't the first Black Panther party. Look them up, they are racist antisemites along with the quotations of the organization leaders will blow your mind.

Also I hope/think they are a really small vocal minority. I honestly dont understand though because a LOT of people attended the events above. Hopefully only to get a fantastic time and not to join their organization. If we will get to star trek level of society, then we need to shed this race shit and watch each other as humans.

I think any serious person arguing for segregation actually believes it will be"separate but equal" this time. Not that anything is even okay in the first place, but someone is going to get the short end of the stick.Well if we're heading the star trek route it is likely to demand a ww3 with a nuclear apocalypse and more than 100 years of dark ages before FTL...

My white Italian background instructor has naturally frizzy afro kind of hair and she certainly does not understand why some black people think they own a hairstyle. You need to be this feeble and ignorant regarding the advances and achievements your civilization has made that really matter, to get petty and defensive within a easy hair style and that will wear it, together with attempting to claim possession of it. Its such a reach to call people racist for braiding their hair or getting dreads because they discovered beauty in it and dont have dark skin. Its racism if anything. We are one species do we have to be so split its so outdated. So petty

Can not tell you how many black girls back into my high school would have blonde weaves or blue connections. Never bothered me but I'd be interested in that argument.I get the"avoid trolling people for poor opinions" reason for censoring the titles on Twitter posts, etc, but holy crap there are some people that really need to test themselves after answers like that

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