What If I Take In My Inventory
What If I Take In My Inventory Dec 20

What If I Take In My Inventory

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Can you currently have bunyip/unicorn? Saradomin Godsword is not required for slaying... Just like Bandos armour. Why use Bandos if Barrows armour has better defence? +2 prayer and +6 strength hardly justifies the exorbitant price I guess. Not much you may change really... Unless you wanna purchase Dragon Claws for a unique attack weapon or anything... Which is kind of useless too because you can replace this with a Dragon Dagger P++/Enhanced Excalibur... Zamorakian Spear for Waterfiends tasks should you get them...?

As of now, I am at level 68 combat, which is a little low to defeat two level 100 dagganoths. I was wondering what the ideal setup is for me to go about the last battle. Im planning to use the greatest possible mage strikes I can, but I should know the best installation I could use and also make it from the struggle alive and it needs to be cheap, I am a little tight on money. Thank you Beforehand. Im also considering attracting sharks as food. Im probably not going to pray much, and im going to be mainly maging. P.S. is there a safespot for maging? Because when there is, I believe I'll probably just do this. (that's exactly what I did for lost city)

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