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Dragons Den could be a famous British TV show where potential business folks are given three minutes to pitch their business plan/plan to a panel of successful business individuals in the hope of getting them to take a position. Dragon’s Den contains a huge following and any product featured or related to this show would gain overnight success. We tend to cannot confirm that there is any link between Immediate Edge App Profit and Dragon’s Den at this stage.
Shark Tank is an american investment show, just like Dragon’s Den. Aspiring Entrepreneurs are given a few minutes to pitch their idea to a panel of millionaires looking to invest within the “next massive thing”. We cannot confirm that there are any links between Shark Tank and Immediate Edge App Profit, but we tend to do recognize that if the rumours were true, Immediate Edge App Profit would be the news. It is additionally vital to notice that Immediate Edge App Profit is not licensed in the states.
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