In Case You Have Any Better Place Than These
In Case You Have Any Better Place Than These Dec 15

In Case You Have Any Better Place Than These

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If you're able to, I need help determining which set to use, or you can make up your own using these items or other items that are great but not too expensive. I'm not into PVP in any way, or fighting boss monsters, but this collection will be utilized for training on greater leveled monsters that me, additionally training slayer and used in challenging quests which need fighting high level creatures. Thanks.

So I only recently got dragon boots and dragon eyeglasses, both are fine and im happy together but something I realy realy realy realy want are monster legs! Right now I dont have that kinda money and I needed to give up my ring of rock, so there's absolutely no way im selling my white beret or amulate of glory (t)! Thus far the only safe way I know of earning 1mil is by collecting swamp toads and bringing them back to the bank in gnome village in which the magic tree and yew tree's are.

Sad because it took me almost 2 hours to get 300K from swamp toads perhaps that was because the radio was on and I realy was dreaming, so now that legs are down 100k afterward they had been im looking for a way simply to create 800k without a killing monsters. No collecting stuff in dangorus region's no barrows bro's since I only have 22 prayer. So for one to help me here are my abilities maybe not all but anouth for you to recomend me somthing. 42 mage / 61 attack / 32 crafting / 42 fishing /50 woodcutting / 28 ranging / 60 def / 45 cooking.

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