If you get crashed by a team of two or more it is tough luck
If you get crashed by a team of two or more it is tough luck Jun 29

If you get crashed by a team of two or more it is tough luck

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If you get crashed by a team of two or more it is tough luck, but the attractiveness of the method that is above is your spec time cuts down to 1 second or less so you can hop and it's hardly any time lost. I have had some real great pleasure watching crashers become lit the fuck up by corp and have to tele out since they are bad at Runescape. Yeah, I guess you are right. We could take back a few kills from them, some of these came and spec transferred me instead of the dude which was hilarious lol. Yeah this shit stinks but wtf do you anticipate jagex to perform? Crashing is part of Runescape and frankly was.

You talk about playing Runescape untrue but drain corp's stats. Like I remember this boss actually being strong as shit. To being a chicken, now you pretty much drain him that sometimes will hit 40. Neither of you is doing corp as planned, what they do is not against any rule and shouldn't be. That said contemplate against becoming crashed working. If ur so you spend less time lowering stats duoing, in with arclight/darklight rather than bgs, do like 200 dmg instead of 300 with the bgs. Or find an alt to hold open an instance. You ai not getting punished, ur paying 200k. Or ya know practice what you preach and do corp"untrue", no drains will be gonna scare off most crashers cuz it is a waste of the time.
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