I'm new to RS3 from OSRS as well.
I'm new to RS3 from OSRS as well. Jun 17

I'm new to RS3 from OSRS as well.

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I'm new to RS3 from OSRS as well. Feel free to add me in Runescape sport: mindful iron. I am not an Ironman in RS3, so perhaps we can figure out some things together? Like I have been wanting to try social Slayer for instance, and dungeoneering is great with other people and much more xp. There are some pretty fun""distractions and diversions" such as guthixian cache that is super amazing divination xp I only learned about. take it slow and kinda do what seems like fun! It gives me a similar vibe to that which I used to get when I had been playing RuneScape back in the day and could go research material and just kinda figure it out! Specifically I would recommend looking out mining and smithing because it is so much cooler. Most of all, enjoy yourself!

After you get a number of quests completed you can head to the varrock lodestone, there is a qp shop there. For every 25 qps you receive, you can get a perish from her that will give a hint specific item and cash. The lower tiers give a couple hundred million, so its very nice start up money for a brand new account. Just note lower grade armor is different levels when you visit buy/make these (try mining and smithing when you haven't yet) as compared to OSRS. Try also as you get gear and focus on electricity armor. The damage boost will help you over the armor reduction that is small all around.

My suggestion would be not to attempt and figure it all out. There's an unfathomable quantity of material in this sport, with the majority of it being targeted toward the end game. Just go at your own pace and have fun, you may gradually find out about everything as you move from 1 part of content to another. For the time being, have a peek at a few YouTube videos that are aimed toward newer players. There are loads of these detailing exactly what dailies you should do, significant items to get as a lesser level and both short + long-term goals you should be setting on your own. These can usually be"high 10" movies that suggest going for ancient game things for newer players.

Aim to get the stat requirements for the end pursuit of plague. Additionally dont get hyped into the efficacy bs, it is going to flip Runescape into just a job or chore. Currently my objective is to receive my past 99s stop Runescape. I'm 26 and frankly the fun is being sucked out with mtx, the grind, and only overall accomplishments dont feel like accomplishments. Do not get hyped from the efficiency bs - you are so right. I just got my first 2 99's this week. Grinding at mobile skilliers. I have been playing off and on since 2007. It felt good for some time. I am currently levelling construction. Grinding at a skiller that is portable. After I have 99 I've told me I am going to return to playing. At least before you had to go different places.

I coming over from OSRS too simply started. I am using a brand-new account so I can experience everything new since it has been over 10 years since I played the contemporary version of RuneScape. It's been really fun. Reminds me of the old days when I started and didn't know what to do and had to roam about and research things. I truly enjoy the rework that they did and it seems to be fine starter cash (I have already made about 1m in 2 days). I was never a massive quester back in the day, therefore I think that'll be what I attempt next. I heard from this thread which quests can be sorted chronologically so it may be useful to knock them out that way and actually read the story.
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