NBA2king - A large proportion of NBA 2K21's issues stem
NBA2king - A large proportion of NBA 2K21's issues stem Jun 03

NBA2king - A large proportion of NBA 2K21's issues stem

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Don't get me wrong, as a lifelong basketball fan who embraced the civilization for a wee lad and cherishes street basketball memories from back home, I'm still a bit in awe of how well the sport has translated into video game form (I said as much in my NBA 2K19 review). And that does not only come in the player likenesses, character development tools, or even the broadcast-style demonstration; it is an issue of the heart gameplay, also. Dribble moves with the right pole offer almost full control of ball handling. It can feel somewhat cluttered having so many activities mapped to marginally different moves on just 1 rod, as errant inputs can occasionally have you pull a pump-fake rather than the crossover you planned. But if you're able to master a few important moves, you are going to be at an advantage for chances to drive to the basket or enhance shot . The same holds for making the right moves in the post-game to either get under defenders or get positioning over them. All of these have been principles of NBA 2K for quite some time.

The large new addition in terms of crime is the optional Pro Stick shooting. Ahead of 2K21, shooting would be carried out by holding down Square, X, or the right pole and timing your release at the height of your jump, indicated by a shot meter overhead. With Guru Stick shooting enabled, you hold the right stick down without needing to worry about release time and instead focus on accurate stick alignment in line with the shot meter prior to your participant releases the shooter. As soon as it's much easier to just use square or X for scoring in the paint, Pro Stick is a workable new alternative for jump shots, especially in situations when lag or latency can throw away traditional-style launch time.

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