What We Fought And Obtained Implemented
What We Fought And Obtained Implemented Nov 30

What We Fought And Obtained Implemented

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I have caught several times warping through lowsec, not even null. You can tank the gate guns at this time in frigates with a friend, also a lot of the guns are broken in the moment and don't even flame in some systems.Having to see my screen while I twist 20+ locations away whenever I want to do anything, it's rough. So I have not played since the change.The problem is, this is a mobile game. Sitting there and watching your display as you warp isn't what it should be. The game has plenty of issues, and also a great deal of potential. The devs simply need to stop trying to earn a cell game into EO.

Autopilot warping should be secure in low and high sec.

It's not EO... it doesn't need to be hardcore. Devs will drive a lot of players off if they continue trying to make it EO.Well, it's certainly safe in highsec, you can not even attack in highsec. It's mostly secure in lowsec, but not 100% secure, which means you still have to watch your screen in lowsec, which can be bonkers.

The sole blockades I have seen, even 12+ gamers can not appear to lock modest ships like Probe CO with signature reduction bonuses. People on here make it sound like it's the end of the world, but hardly anyone I know have really died from this.I went all in with just two accounts, alt because thats what the community said was much better in the long term. And I was in to invest my time, but this game's pace is too fast to support actual life along with the in-game life.As soon as covid is finished and everyone has to go outside again, it is going to be a ghost city. No new gamers to create the market dynamic and it'll be another eve with a dedicated community.

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11-30-20 - 20:00 Start date
12-30-20 - 11:00 End date
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