It'S Far Better Than Nothing
It'S Far Better Than Nothing Nov 27

It'S Far Better Than Nothing

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But police brutality and NFL are two topics that have been pretty well merged with each other these last few years due to all the protests. If not, maybe it'll piss off them, I am fine with that too, because fuck em. And they also could have done nothing. They might have waited a couple weeks for this to blow over and released it afterward. This way gets the message out there, even if they've silly business motives, it is far better than nothing. There is many companies and lots of celebrities doing and saying nothing. I respect anyone who's speaking up.

They could have just quietly made no announcement and sent hundreds of emails out to the press stating they had been delaying the afternoon that they were officially releasing the trailer. Sure they can do more, but they certainly could do . Perhaps this paves the way for more large gaming companies making pseudo political announcements? Lot of bigger announcements planned for this week when that somehow doesn't have a peaceful resolution within the upcoming few days. Bringing any focus on the protests assists the protests. Regardless of if they're profiting from it. I could not have said it better. Who cares if they stand to gain off it... Which I truly don't think that they will profit more than they just didn't say anything. It's quite literally the lack of advertising. They're specifically not carrying their event/reveal.

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