I Actually Need To Know Some Matches
I Actually Need To Know Some Matches Nov 25

I Actually Need To Know Some Matches

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I am usually distributing my employees between cutting and fishing maple. Raw fish is in steady demand and also the nests from woodcutting make investment into maples rewarding. To be able to maximize the throughput proceed and do the favours every single day or so, thus your workers are as productive and happy as they may be. My only warning about walnut is that arent the output signal from nests random? So couldnt I theoretically get like 50 acorns out of my 1m? But fishing seems like it'd be a good one, thanks to the idea.

It is best to keep them fishing raw fish and flax, in case you're willing to spin the flax into bowstrings. If you are not willing to spin flax, place the workers to fishing and mining coal or cutting maples. The latter is good if you're training Firemaking. Prevent hardwoods at all costs, as the amount you get and the price they sell for does not add up to much. Additionally avoid farming, as the seeds you get are random and you don't get tree or fruit tree seeds. I am definately ready to spin flax, as Im looking for all the crafting xp I will get my hands on right now. . And 50% coal, though I might switch that to fishing. Does that sound like it would make the maximum profit?

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