I believe two of my greatest disappointments might be
I believe two of my greatest disappointments might be Nov 22

I believe two of my greatest disappointments might be

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I believe two of my greatest disappointments might be my own library and my kitchen. To start with they're way more compact than in New Leaf, therefore that I can not do as much. And then there is a scarcity of items. In New Leaf that the patchwork sofa actually fit the snug feeling of my library, but in New Horizons there is not any couch like that. In New Leaf I had plenty of food-like things to decorate my kitchen although to be fair they are from the Welcome Amiibo update.

Yeah like I certainly have a lot fine to say about New Horizons, and the matches IMO definitely move the show forward in some meaningful ways. The 3DS assets definitely wouldn't look nice simply being inserted into New Horizons since they are (even the ones at Pocket Camp would likely require some touching up). I'm not about to say it is just like the whole Dexit situation, but I do think at times New Horizons could have benefitted from a bit more polish before launch.

Finally it isn't the worst thing really; the game is still fun for me personally and the updates are getting closer and closer to having feature parity with New Leaf. There is lots of little things here and there which I really miss from New Leaf (like for instance; Fireworks reveals raffle has cute new fireworks items, but they didn't bother bringing the cute Showa-era Nintendo toy furniture at New Leaf) but as a whole it's certainly still a good game.

For me, my most wanted features are the yield of old furniture. I know that takes some time to touch up them and look presentable in HD, and I truly hope that it eventually occurs. As nice as the items in New Horizons seem, I feel at times like they wanted everything to look like a model home; customizing in New Leaf felt much more real and personal and somewhat less like creating a pair for an Ikea catalogue. To each their own, of course, but I hardly think it'd be a bad thing to have all the selection of past titles with the wonderful new thoughts in New Leaf.

I haven't managed to play regularly at all because I got a new job about two weeks ago, even before that I significantly slowed, mainly because of playing other games. Stay at home scenarios have likely had a big influence on the number of individuals feeling tired with the sport, yeah.

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