Two is that the magic damage actually adds up today
Two is that the magic damage actually adds up today Feb 28

Two is that the magic damage actually adds up today

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Please note that all weapons and armour have become organized TIER wise, by level. Dragon requires 60, and thus is Tier 60; Likewise Barrows is Tier 70. All weapons of the same Tier possess exactly the same DPS- a rune scimitar is equal to a rune warhammer now. In the same way, all armour sets of the identical tier have the identical lifepoint bonus- Bandos armour provides the same LP increase that Armadyl, or the Robes of Subjugation give.

Currently, the highest grade is level 90. You shouldn't hesitate in the slightest, and go ahead and purchase drygore maces. The Drygore mace in my opinion is the best to get because of 2 reasons- the first being that it is slightly cheaper than the Rapier or even Longsword, the second being that it's a +9 prayer bonus.

Another thing which you have to be aware of is the Combat Triangle is ULTIMATE now. It makes a difference what gear you wear, what attack design you use, etc.,. Monsters generally have one special weakness, and if you use their particular attack style, that is also fairly effective. That having been said, you need to understand that this weakness is somewhat general; Fire Giants, as an example, reveal a weakness against Slash attacks. This means that melee generally is very effective against these, and they are especially weak against slash strikes - but crush and stab work fine. That being said, you can hardly hit scrape them with mage.

The same is applicable to your character. You may no longer melee in d'hide. Merely to explain to you how awful this is, the stats are somewhat like this- wearing a ranged top, bottom and helm when meleeing reduce your precision by 27%. Wearing a MAGE top, bottom and helm while meleeing decrease your accuracy by a staggering 45%. Boots and gloves do not appear to have a huge effect though.

These two points are why you ought to tap the weakness of the monster. If you're combating Dark Beasts (that mage you now), and show a weakness to scope, and you also choose to melee, well you will notice 2 things. One is you could hardly hit. Two is that the magic damage actually adds up today due to your armour. (A way around this last part is by simply wearing Hybrid equipment, like the Warpriest of Armadyl gear obtainable as a drop from Aviansies along with other monsters from the GWD)

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