Really looking forward to the dedicated next gen- version of the
Really looking forward to the dedicated next gen- version of the Nov 19

Really looking forward to the dedicated next gen- version of the

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I simply meant from a reviewer/perception stand line. I am not one of those who exaggerates how awful something is because I don't like it. I doubt a lot of people on this particular Reddit even care about sports let alone Madden. Operation Sports and other forums are where hardcore Madden fans are. From a perception perspective this is an opportunity for Madden to include new features and improve the engine. If it does not then it'll still get earnings but depending on how bad it is going ahead NFL may expand it's license... Keep in mind this also isn't necessarily a global game anyways so lots of the men and women who play Madden love football. This being their only outlet outside of old games is a huge reason behind it's success. Oh I see today I totally read that wrong. Apologies for being a little aggressive there.

I loosely follow the franchise and it is definitely stagnating. I would love to see what other developers could bring to the table but given its general sales I wouldn't be shocked if the permit stays for awhile. It stinks to be pressured into only 1 option each year. They can't just leave without saying everyone else is too lol. I have purchased one Madden the whole PS4 gen and just 2 during PS3. It is still a favorite game which is mostly because of the exclusivity and marketing. Just like you mentioned tho casual individuals do not really care. I simply don't see how NFL could interest casual individuals actually but I guess it does. EA is used to bad media so maybe their understanding doesn't matter to them that much.

Had a feeling that this would happen. EA has been wireless silent on anything regarding the next gen games. I would not be surprised if they miss 2020 completely. Oh no, the game I desire The most to see in next gen, but its odd, no gameplay, no vídeos of next gen. Just like you can play with the original cod or assasins creed 1 rather than the newest titles? Fifa gets performed countless of hours by many people that buy it. Even offline most ppl get far more value out of a yearly Fifa name than they get from copy-paste assasins creed /cod/mario kind matches. Aside from the authentic top single player games such as RDR2 or Naughty dog games - fifa has better value and gameplay than other single player games. lol what? You are spending full $60 for a game which can easly be a yearly update (fresh ui, transfers, moves ) thats it. I'm sorry if reality hurts but partner, they are due for a few upgrade. And I know that its a football simulation so that you cant really"update" it if it is already great, but when they wanted they could easly get a brand new motor, and upgrade the match as per new and more realistic engine. Also, Career mode is always step backwards with every release. They could have easly implemented their fifa manager which ceased in 2013 I believe into career mode. FFS we cant even pick in menu in career mode not to play as our team but to be more of a coach. They can do so much shit and more in depth, but they dont need to.

Doesnt matter I will happily play Ps4 version of Fifa 21 on ps5, hopefully loading is faster on offline play. And await the ps5 version. That is a free upgrade anyway. Cant wait! Together with Resident evil 8 and Gran Turismo 7- the next gen Fifa 21 is my most anticipated title for 2021. Fifa 21 ps4 variant is already epic and the gameplay is excellent imo. Really looking forward to the dedicated next gen- version of the.

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