This is likely to linger some time as teams anticipate
This is likely to linger some time as teams anticipate Feb 24

This is likely to linger some time as teams anticipate

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The Jaguars, Chargers and Colts create a lot of sense as potential suitors for Ravens left tackle/right tackle Orlando Brown Jr., as his agent continues to pursue trade options after being granted permission to do so. All have some degree of curiosity, both the Chargers and Jaguars either have or are about to have a potential generational QB on his rookie deal seriously needing vastly improved security, and Brown exhibited an ability to play his favored position -- left tackle -- in a really high level filling in for injured All-Pro Ronnie Stanley final year. This is likely to linger some time as teams anticipate the salary cap, and teams like the Colts and Bears sort through their quarterback options. However there was enough initial interest that a win-win that meets Baltimore's value of the participant and allows him to be compensated just like a left tackle is hardly out of the question.

2021 NFL free agency: Aaron Jones, Leonard Fournette headline a robust and fascinating RB market

This offseason will not feature a wave of NFL running backs commanding top dollar on the open market, but what's interesting is just how much more full-flavored the meal is than it was in the two years prior. In 2020, it had been Christian McCaffrey possessing the market with a record-setting deal (exceeding the mark set by Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys in 2019) that then trickled down to Derrick Henry and Joe Mixon, but pickings were lean after you got past the top-tier talent in the market. It became very hit or miss, but this year's iteration of RB free agents is meaty in the middle -- if you are going to -- giving NFL teams seeking an update or gifted stopgap measure an opportunity to sign one in a reasonable price, as also dictated by a simple supply-and-demand formula.

Directly inverse to the present quarterback situation in the league, there is a good deal of supply and it far exceeds the demand.

There is at least one player on the following list that is seeking a hefty payday, specifically Aaron Jones, but it's to be decided if he gets the market-nudging deal he's seeking. In a mid- and - bottom-heavy RB free agency pool this time round, it'll be more difficult for Jones to convince teams they shouldn't go with a lot of those other people -- for a lower total price. And with this, let us take a look at a few players now with no NFL home until at least the first wave of free agency strikes the shore at March.

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