I Like How Going To College Came
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I Like How Going To College Came

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I immediately regret my purchase. Main reason being I want a madden when I eventually get the series x, so its not all for nothing. However, its literally a demonstration update with the lawn. This might be the smallest progress ever, its almost literally the same. I believe I'm going to wait to see if it will look about the next gen, looking at gameplay I am not impressed it looks like the exact same thing just a different scoreboard I've invested a great deal of time to MUT the last 2 decades just for individuals with greater teams to conquer more people who've broken the match and operate exactly the very same defenses and offensive plays just don't feel like doing it hoping the next gen is greater or at least graphically pleasing, I don't understand how madden as not updated the crowd ever it seems lints it's from a ps2 game lol.

Why not support them in doing both? Words are activities, oftentimes. Putting out a statement of belief such as this isn't simple. I would hope they're also doing material things to make the lives of the black workers better but that doesn't mean I want to take care of this as moot. Putting a public statement is really a great step forward for initiatives such as that, since if EA isn't doing enough then it's really easy for people tirelessly to say"Look, our actions are materially different from our stated principles and we ought to do something about that." At the end of the day if you refuse to acknowledge when a business makes a little step you appreciate then how do they ever learn to make a big step you appreciate? You're treating this just like a political discussion where making this small concession implies you won't have the negotiating power to make a bigger one in the future. However, I really don't think that's how this works: EA is testing the waters and learning from their customers whether this is the type of thing they encourage or not. Is your lesson you would like them to learn from all that human decency is not worth attractive to because it doesn't actually affect buying decisions?

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