Their gain wont come out of them
Their gain wont come out of them Feb 22

Their gain wont come out of them

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Meh, here's what I would suggest. Helm of Neitiznot (Decent defence bonuses, plus a prayer bonus). Fighter Torso (Takes a couple of hours to get from BA, and contains a power bonus + it does not degrade). Verac Skirt/Dragon Platelegs (Verac Skirt for tanking functions, Dragon Platelegs for routine combat). Abyssal Whip/Dragon Scimitar (Whip for training defence/attack, and scimitar for training strength). Dragon Defender (Dragon Defender to Boost offense with whip/scimitar). Your present setup is okay, but I would suggest something that does not degrade. Dragon Platelegs with Fighter Torso, for instance. Dragon Platelegs are not too pricey, and the Fighter Torso only costs a few hours to obtain. Or Bandos armour if you're a very wealthy participant.

I would Like higher stats, but F2P coaching is too slow at level 70 and up. I am requesting is it worth to perform soul wars to find some exp. I would like to acquire from 74-83 range and 70 str to 85. I wonder if it is going to take the whole month or less or if it's even worth getting? I was going to purchase one of the ultimate game cards or try to cover by mobile(I doubt this since my mom just payed the bill FFS bad time )

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